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Why does my company need 'Online Backups' and 'Remote Data Storage'?


A 'backup' and the process of 'backing up', refers to the copying and archiving of computer data so it may be used to restore the original after a data loss event such as accidental data deletion, data corruption or a natural disaster. Backups can require significant remote online data storage requirements and the organisation and management of the backup process can be complicated and time consuming.

Codex systems offers companies an automated, easy to use, secure, online, remote cloud backup data storage solution. If you are looking for a new IT support company then we would like the opportunity to become your outsourced IT department offering you professional Online Data Backups.


Affordable, Online Data Backup Solution

You can be reassured that should your computer's hard drive fails, you will have immediate access to your data from another computer or mobile device via the Internet when you use our online backup service. Codex systems offer an affordable online backup solution:-

  • Customers can independently access and easily restore data files themselves 24/7 without the need for assistance from our IT support technicians.

  • Confidentiality of your company data can be assured by data encryption before it is transmitted to our backup service with an encryption key known only to you.

  • Data is collected, de-duplicated, compressed, security encrypted and automatically transmitted via the Internet to our remote/ cloud backup data centre.


What are the benefits to my company of having Remote Data Backups?

Companies which have a remote data backup service can have peace of mind that copies of their business data is securely stored off-site. Remote backup does not require customer intervention as the backups are automatic. Our remote backup services work continuously, backing up files as they are changed and list of versions of your files will also be recorded. Data will be encrypted using 128 - 448 bit encryption before it is sent over the Internet. 


Why companies choose Codex Systems for their Online Backup Solution?

Codex systems offer an online backup solution which is unique in that you only pay for the amount of data that we protect and store for you online. 

  • Affordable. Our automated data backups are affordable and cost from £2.00 per week.

  • The online backup client software we use is free of charge for our customers.

  • Customers can control the level of resources that are used i.e. CPU and bandwidth throttling.

  • You will be able to carry on using your computer whilst backups are taking place.

  • Once an initial, full backup has been successful, only incremental online backups are performed. Duplicate files are backed up only once, even if they reside on different PCs or Laptops.

  • Online backup and data restore processes are continuously monitored.


What are the most common backup features used by companies?

Codex systems are able to support our business customers with the following additional backup features, options and functionality:-

  • Bulk restore data from a portable storage device when a full restore over the Internet might take too long

  • Centralised management to monitor backups

  • File retention policies can be applied to groups of files

  • Fully managed backups with a higher level of support offering proactive backup monitoring and telephone IT support

  • Redundancy where copies of data are backed up at different office locations or data centres

  • Regulatory compliance to ensure that customers comply with regulations for privacy and disclosure

  • Seed loading for an initial backup using a portable storage device which is quicker than uploading a large volume of data over the Internet

  • Server backups including groupware and SQL databases

  • Versioning enables multiple versions of data files and enables rollback functionality so older versions can be restored


Does Codex systems offer Managed Data Backups?

Yes. Our Managed Data Backup Solutions offer companies the following benefits:-

  • Technical assistance configuring the initial backup

  • Continuous monitoring of the backup processes on our client machines to ensure that backups are successful

  • Proactive alerting should any backups fail

  • Technical assistance in restoring files and recovering data loss


Online Backup Costs?

You will find that online backup prices vary between suppliers and depend on whether backups are:managed or unmanaged, service level agreement (SLA), the age of data, type of data, volume of data, number of machines backed-up, number of versions of each file and if a real-time operating system (RTOS) is used to process real-time data requests. 


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