Infrastructure support

This service is focused on managing the IT Infrastructure and ensuring the highest levels of availability for the business applications to function without interruption. Service options are customized to include different infrastructure elements and levels of availability required.  

IT infrastructure solutions including servers, storage, and enterprise applications; your communications platforms including voice, video, and data presentation systems; and your information security architecture all depend on a robust, yet flexible, network infrastructure. ESI helps you transform the economics of network management by delivering standards-based, next-generation infrastructure solutions. We give your operations the advantage of having an easily managed network through service-ready and business-ready features. With ESI as your partner, you benefit from:

                                                      Hardware Upgrades

If  you’re interested in how some hardware upgrades could be used to help improve your system, and increase your overall productivity or the quality of your design or gaming experience for instance, contact us to discuss how we can help you via our contact form, or by calling  02070960670. 

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