Computer maintenance is essential. Most businesses rely on their computer systems to work efficiently for the day to day running of their company. We offer computer maintenance contracts which offer peace of mind and enable you to concentrate on running your business.

We offers affordable computer maintenance contracts which are bespoke to your business requirements and it will cover the following areas:

  • Data Backups; Regular computer data backups/ archives of data are extremely important so that should computer systems fail, be accidently deleted or if the hardware becomes corrupted, historical data can still be accessed. Data backups can be created daily, weekly and monthly depending on your business requirements. When network maintenance such as patching is carried out, it is recommended that a system backup is made first so a roll-back version can be created should data be lost. 

Backups form part of a disaster recovery plan so you have at least one copy of essential data. There are different types of data storage devices that are useful for making backups and these devices can be configured for geographic redundancy and data security. We offers advice about suitable storage and how to manage and optimise the backup process so that data is stored in the correct format which is likely to involve compression and encryption. Computer maintenance backups are exempt from the Digital Millennium Copyright Act so copies of copyright files can be made as long as they are destroyed after.


  • Software Updates; These should be carried out regularly. Up-to-date software patches should be installed so that security vulnerabilities and bugs are fixed. Computer maintenance offered by Codex systems ensures that your computer systems are using the latest software versions as this has an impact on usability and performance. Windows Update and Microsoft Update are semi-automated programs which can help you update your computer software by downloading security and critical updates via the Internet.
    Windows Server 2012, Windows 8, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista have a Control Panel which enables you to check and configure software update settings.

  • Hard Drive Disk Clean/ Maintenance; This should be carried out regularly to ensure good performance and this is referred to as disk defragmentation. Over time files become fragmented i.e. spaced out on different areas of the hard drive so it takes longer to retrieve files. The disk fragmentation process combines files, compresses rarely used files, removes "deleted/ unwanted files" and frees up disk space so disk drive performance is improved and faster read/ write access times are achieved.

  • Windows Registry; May occasionally require maintenance/ cleaning with a registry cleaner. Windows Registry is a database which stores configuration settings (kernel, device drivers, services, SAM, user interface, other applications) for Microsoft Windows operating systems and programs.

  • Computer and Network Security; This should be regularly monitored and maintained to ensure that your company data is protected from unauthorised access, editing and deletion. Data security is important to prevent access from both untrustworthy individuals and data loss by unplanned events such as natural disasters. 

  • Cleaning; Physically cleaning computers and laptops so that dust build-up is removed from cooling fans and hardware components. Cleaning computer systems is important as the efficiency of cooling fans is affected by the accumulation of debris and this is an important preventative measure to reduce the chance of components overhea.


Regular Computer Maintenance


Problems which may arise due to the lack of sufficient computer maintenance include:

  • Computer slows down

  • Computer freezes

  • Files and programs take forever to open.

Contact IT Helpers now to find out how a computer maintenance contract will help ensure that the computer systems and networks in your company are kept running like clockwork.


Computer Maintenance Contract


We offer a comprehensive computer maintenance and IT Support Contract which covers the following areas:


  • Regular online data backups for laptops and PCs

  • IT Security - Firewalls and Anti-virus software - latest Sophos anti-virus software

  • Computer Repair Services - surge protection, emergency repairs, laptop repairs, hard disk repairs, hardware and hard drive maintenance

  • IT Support - Remote Support. Read more about our IT support services.


Codex systems offer more than just computer maintenance contracts, we aim to be a one stop shop for all your small business IT support needs. Reliable computer maintenance will save your business time and money.

We offer IT support, computer maintenance, computer repairs, computer servicing, computer hardware, software upgrades and computer network support for individuals, small and large companies.

Annual Computer Maintenance


Whether you have an existing IT Support Contract in place or not you could be benefiting now by using our business computer maintenance skills. We can check all your PC's for viruses, spyware and ad-ware and remove any potential problems. We can improve the performance of your PC's by the simple un-installation of unnecessary programs that run in the background of your PC's taking up valuable resources. We can save your business money both in the short and long term. 

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